5 Thoughts for Parents Now Educating Their Kids at Home

This is no more than a copy and paste of a Facebook post I wrote in 2 minutes on Friday night as we finished our 2nd week of distance learning. It was inspired by concerns I know parents are having, the push for no instruction I see from some, and the push for only instruction that I see from others. We can focus on the social/emotional support of families AND mix in some learning. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. What supersedes all of that is meeting our families where they are at and being accepting of that.IMG_3319.jpg

5 of my thoughts to parents all over who are now supporting their kids doing distance learning at home. My perspective comes from being both and educator and a parent. I am working from home as a principal, my wife is still working, and we are trying to support the education of the 2 kids in our home. There are good days and bad days, proud moments and not-so-proud moments. And it’s all REAL.

1. Any learning you are able to complete at home is greatly appreciated. Many of us are doing the same thing as parents and understand how hard it can be. 

2. Do what you can. Day by day. Some days it might be exactly what is being offered by the school and other days it might not be. Both are OK. 

IMG_3197.jpg3. Supporting yourself and your family emotionally should always supersede learning. If the teeter-totter to complete learning begins to tip too far in any given moment, error on the side of whatever gives your family stability. 

4. Wherever your child is academically/emotionally when they show up in the fall, we’ll be ready to support them. That’s our job. That will be the case if they spend 1,000 hours learning in the next 8 weeks or 0 hours.

5. We realize that any plan a district creates will be too much for some, not enough for others, and just right for a few. We will keep doing our best to support all of those needs the best we can.



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