Was This School Year a Success? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself As the School Year Ends

The first few weeks after school ends are a great time to reflect upon the past year. For me, I often need a structure, a coaching conversation, or specific questions posed to engage in reflection that truly impacts my work.  Here are a few that have supported my thinking as either a teacher or principal over the past couple years.

1. Can you think of the names of 5 kids that NEEDED you this year and you were there for them?  What did you provide that had such a huge impact?

2. What specific staff members did you play a role in supporting this year and how did you do it?

3. What 3 parts of your practice did you improve upon?

4. What did you do to positively impact the culture of your school?

5. What is something about your craft that you didn’t make the strides that you hoped to? What is your action plan to address that for next year?

Take a moment. Consider those questions. Even write down your answers. They may lead to some specific next steps or you may tuck them away and revisit in August.


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