Secor Family Milestones and Serendipidty

I spent part of the weekend reading the recently released Path to Serendipity by an educator and person I admire, Allyson Apsey.  At the same time, our family hit a few milestones that were very meaningful.  Those things happening simultaneously meant some reflection for me and usually what follows reflection is

Once I have a chance to reread and process more of what Allyson wrote, I’ll share a blog post devoted completely to her book.  My first impressions are that it’s real and authentic, just like her.  I connected with many things she wrote, even some that were slightly embarrassing.  The book encourages you to embrace the imperfect journey we are on in this thing called life.  Like the Philadelphia 76ers, it’s about embracing and trusting the process.  When I finished reading, I wanted to not only become a better educator but a better person.  Allyson’s words made me want to listen to understand, give grace, discover myself, seek the positives, but more than anything, take control of my own destiny each and every day.  While it’s still too raw to pinpoint how this will translate into my daily life, I can assure you that it will.  This book holds that type of power.

As far as the milestones, the Secor’s hit three fairly significant ones in the last 3 daysdownload.jpgFirst, my daughter was asked out on a date.  Well, I say it was a date.  My wife says it was a date.  She is pretty non-committal.  I think if someone asks you to go play golf, and it’s just the two of you, it’s a date.  My son had the reproductive health, “boy to man,” video at school.  That meant we need to have that father/son talk.  You know the one.  Finally, I took my daughter out to practice some driving around the parking lots by the school where I work as driver’s training is getting closer.  

So, how do those two things connect? 

“There is no greater blessing than to appreciate the gift of love and life.” 

Allyson writes that on page 52 in the midst of a touching story about her mom’s battle with cancer.  I read that quote about ten times before I realized why I was reading it over and over again.  It was because of those 3 milestones.  One could approach those milestones in many ways.  I could realize how old I’m getting.  Nah, let’s ignore father time a little longer.  I could shed a tear because of how big my kids are getting.  That’s really not how I approach these special moments.  I could wonder out loud where time has gone.  People who have heard my “time is a constant, not a variable” rant laugh at the thought of that. download.jpg

The way I choose to live out these milestones aligns well with Allyson’s quote.  I feel fortunate to experience that talk with my son.  My Dad never sat me down for that one and partially because of that, I wanted to have it with Myles.  He’s a pretty open book and we shared information and a few laughs.  As my daughter Ally nears the age of 15, I’m blessed to see her grow into a young woman someone would want to date.  She is thoughtful, kind, and caring.  Sitting with her in the car as she shifted the car into drive for the first time is a memory I feel blessed to have made with her.  I won’t ever forget it.  So many Dad’s don’t get to experience those 3 milestones with their kids.  Many kids don’t have their Dad around for those milestones.  I’m not sad those milestones happened, I’m grateful to have experienced them with my family.  

I feel appreciative that I was able to read Allyson’s book.  I am grateful to have the 3 milestones in our family this week.  As life goes on with milestones coming at us all the time, I choose to welcome them with open arms and make the best memories possible out of each and every one.





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