Principals: Advice for Leading Successful End-of-Year Teacher Reflection Conversations

I know many of my administrative colleagues are preparing for their end of the year meetings with teachers.  This year, I will be facilitating around 40 end-of-year teacher evaluation conversations.  I see those meetings as a great opportunity to look back, reflect, and also plan forward.  I truly look forward to sitting down with staff to discuss, laugh, and celebrate their 2017-2018 school year.

images-1.jpgBelow, is the format I use for those conversations.  Feel free to use any parts that might be helpful to you.  My goal is to start big picture, shut my mouth, and truly listen.  Allow teachers the time to frame the school year through their eyes, not yours. 

From there, I really try to accomplish three things.  First, I want to join them in celebrating.  There are amazing accomplishments in each classroom and within each teacher.  I never want to miss a chance to thank them for all they do for our students and school.  This is a great time for me to recognize and applaud that.  Second, I want to start planning forward with them collaboratively.  I want just a little part of their brain to be thinking about goals, new ideas, or different paths for next year.  Finally, I want to us both to push, press, extend, or challenge each other’s thinking.  As we collaborate and brainstorm, we both grow and new ideas are pushed to the forefront.  As we grow together, we build trust and ownership towards a common vision.  If we’ve accomplished those three things at the end of a conversation, I feel like our time has been productive and supported their learning.     

Here is the outline I use as I facilitate those conversations.

5D+ End of the Year Year Evaluation Meeting

* Use “EOY Post Inquiry Conference Planning” page as a guide during the conversation

* Share outline  for the meeting

  • Analyze student data
  • Examine teacher’s focus areas and their impact on student learning this year
  • Review and update the growth plan.  Discuss growth in the 5D+ rubric within the focus areas and initial scoring thoughts
  • Discuss potential focus areas/PLC options for next year
  1. Big Picture – Celebrations and challenges over the course of the year
  2. Student Data
  • Noticings, trends, patterns, in classroom and grade level data
  • Present any data relevant to your student achievement goals for the year
  • How were these impacted by your focus areas?  What other factors significantly impacted student achievement in your classroom
  1. Reflection on Areas of Focus
  • What changes have you made in these focus areas from past years?  
  • Which of those has been the most positive or impactful for you and students?  
  • What is still a work in progress?  Sustainability — How do you carry over work in this focus areas into next year?
  • How has the work you have put into your focus areas impacted students?

          – What evidence do you have to support that?

          – What student data sets can you point to?

  1. Admin shares thinking/Scoring on focus areas — notice, wonder, next steps
  2. That is a summary of your learning for this year.  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

         – Discuss “PCC” dimension/staff can bring examples of work in that dimension 

         – Discuss indicators where the administrator has collected the least evidence 

         – Review self-assessment from the fall and discuss then vs. now (JU)

* Do you think the focus areas should remain the same?  Why or why not?

* What other areas may interest you? What inspires, energizes you or intrigues you in the field of education?  Possible PLC areas?

* Hand-out the summary scoring page in a separate, 1 minute, meeting




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