I Can Help

Every once in a while, I stray from my normal topics of education and leadership.  Today is one of those days.  A few Sunday’s ago in church, a question was posed that I’ve been kicking around for the last couple weeks.

“From Where Will My Help Come?”

I know there are people who are out there who are suffering right now.  Some are probably even people that I know.  You likely know the quote, “everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”  I don’t want to go another minute without offering my help.  This post is as simple of a one as I will ever make.

That offer is extended to whoever may think they need it.  Whatever, whenever, however, for whatever reason, no questions asked.  I can help.  No judgment.  Listening, advice, coaching, intervention, you name it.  I may not be able to solve, make go away, or eliminate. But, I can help.  That doesn’t mean fix or solve, but to partner with you to offer support.

I’m not a doctor.  I’m not a counselor.  I’m not a psychiatrist.  I’m not a pastor.  I’m not a social worker.  I’m just a guy who cares.  Someone who has been through his fair share of adversity and believes part of the reason that happened was so that I could be put in a position to help others.  It doesn’t mean I can fix everything.  But everyone in a tough spot needs to take the first step and I’m willing to assist with that.  I can help.  My help might just be directing you to a support person.  Maybe it’s a pastor, a word of prayer with God, or even something you’ve never considered.  

Too many times I have seen people suffer.  Too many times I wondered if I’d have offered help or helped the situation, something bad could’ve been prevented.  Enough of that.  Enough of me thinking I’m not qualified to offer help.  If you are reading this and need help, let me know.  If you are reading this and know of someone who needs help, let me know.  I can help.

“From where will my help come?”  From me.  I can help.






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